Cruelty to BodyThetans

Scientology teaches in the secret NOTS (New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans) that all problems, physical and psychological are due to infestation with BodyThetans, and that the answer is therefore to get rid of these poor harmless creatures

L.Ron Hubbard describes a terrible technique used against innocent little BodyThetans in HCOB (Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin) 16 Sep 78 Issue 3 where he urges people to "mock up" (using the super-duper mental powers that you have paid Scientology to convince you you now have - you pretend to create)a "thetan hand" (an invisible imaginary hand) and using the edge of it as a sort of knife (though why you can't simply "mock up" an imaginary knife in your imaginary hand as well is not clear - perhaps nobody could afford to purchase such extra powers), you cut the "strings or lines or suction cups or beams" that connect your body to the BodyThetans. Luckily you don't have to worry about being stuck with a surplus invisible hand instead of surplus BodyThetans afterwards since apparently it will normally vanish as well, being only "mocked up".

In HCOB 29 Oct Issue 2 Hubbard advocates mass slaughter of BodyThetans, by describing a technique whereby one finds the key BodyThetan or cluster of BodyThetans holding other BodyThetans or clusters of Bodythetans together ("there can be a thousand or two BTs in such a mass"), and then if you "handle" this key unit then "sometimes these explode apart as they blow."

Even such a respected critic on alt.religion.scientology as Martin G.V. Hunt has said "Either way, auditing out BTs seems pretty unethical. The best thing would be to destroy them so that the population doesn't increase and they don't just leave to find another host, putting the planet into an endless spin-cycle of 'auditing out' BTs over and over again"

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