(Which is what Scientologists are told when they do something wrong in a Training Routine)

You clearly haven't understood about BodyThetans yet if you think you can see them.

Indeed Scientology seems to aim at making everyone invisible. "As each successive area of the body is cleaned up and becomes transparent his reach is further extended toward the ideal scene of a body that is transparent to the OT and does not impede his perception or control." - L.Ron Hubbard

An OT is an 'Operating Thetan', a thetan being Hubbard's term roughly analogous with the 'self' or the 'soul' , specifically one who has paid large amounts to the Church of Scientology, having already passed the stage of 'Clear' and reached the 'Clear Cognition' of "I am mocking up my reactive mind" (in other words, realising that the previous expensive stages of Scientology,which promised to remove problems by removing 'engrams' were a complete waste of time as there are no such things). Anyone who has reached this stage can probably be relied on to swallow anything.

And if you want to know what a thetan looks with as opposed to what a BodyThetan looks like, L. Ron Hubbard has the answer "It is interesting to know that a thetan doesn't look through his eyeballs. He has two little gold discs, one in front of each eye lens. These are not the lenses of the eyes, but, as you might say, mocked-up energy. They are little gold discs that are superimposed over the eye and he looks through these. The eyeballs merely serve to locate these discs." - L. Ron Hubbard in Professional Auditor's Bulletin #111, May 1 1957; Eyesight and Glasses.

Oh, all right, if you want an artist's impression of what a body made up of BodyThetans would look like.

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