Xenu - Crazy name, crazy guy

According to L.Ron Hubbard, who claims he went through a "Wall of Fire" by auditing himself with an E-Meter, all of our present problems are due to Xenu, or it might be Xemu, the mad leader of the Galactic Federation some 75,000,000 years ago, who "solved overpopulation (250 billion or so per planet - 178 billion on average) by mass implanting.. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanos incident II) and then the Pacific area ones were taken -in boxes to Hawaii and the Atlantic area ones to Las Palmas and there "packaged". His name was Xenu. He used renegades. Various misleading data by means of circuits etc was placed in the unplants. When through with his crime loyal officers (to the people) captured him after six years of battle and put him in an electronic mountain trap where he still is. "They" are gone. The place (Confederation) has since been a desert. The length and brutality of it all was such that this Confederation never recovered " This is what is taught in the notorious OTIII materials during which the victim realises that all the earler time and money to achieve the state of 'clear' was only the start.

The mass brainwashing introduced such ideas as religion, "the R6 implant" ("the man on the cross, there was no cross") and divided the survivors, who attached themseves to the prior population of Earth, into brainwashed thetans and insane or dormant BodyThetans, attached to the thetans.

"The implant is calculated to kill (by pneumonia etc) anyone who attempts to solve it. This liability has been dispensed with by my tech development. one can freewheel through the implant and die unless it is approached as precisely outlined. The "freewheel" (auto-running on and on) lasts too long, denies sleep etc and one dies. So be careful to do only Incidents I and II as given and not plow around and fail to complete one thetan at a time." OTIII

Strangely, critics who have read this stuff do not seem to die of pneumonia, death through laughter seeming a more likely fate.

Why does this matter? Should not Scientologists who choose to believe this nonsense be left quietly alone with their delusions, like flat-earthers and the people who want 24 bishops to open Joanna Southcott's box? The difference is Scientology's harassment of critics and ex-members.- "The law can be used very easily to harass" - L.Ron Hubbard. The 'Church' also breaks up families, insisting that members "disconnect" from so-called "Suppressive Persons", Thus leaving its victims increasingly isolated from reality, believing they are doomed if they leave the 'Church", and willing to pay ever more to take that one extra course which will cure their problems by removing BodyThetans, "clusters" of BTs, sleeping BTs etc. Cult members who fall foul of the leadership are sent to the "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF), where they wear a dirty rag on their arm, are forbidden to speak with other members, and fed on rice and beans until they repent. For more stubborn cases, there is the "RPF's RPF" where people are held in chains.

For their relentless extraction of money from their victims see Maria Pia Gardini or Ed and Tera Hattaway

And for anybody who is still interested in Xenu, then according to Hubbard, the Galactic dictator who 'really goofed the floof' (?) is to this day locked up in an electronic cage somewhere. But if you want a real flesh-creeper, start worrying about the creatures Hubbard defined in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary "Fifth Invader Force - A thetan from the Fifth Invader Force believes himself to be a very strange insect-like creature with unthinkably horrible hands. He believes himself to be occupying such a body. (Scn. 8-8008, p. 132)"

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